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Benefits of Motorization

Automation Options

Enhanced Benefits

Hard-wired motorized window coverings offer many automation options, including the ability to be integrated with lighting or home automation systems, which offers these enhanced benefits:

Energy Savings

Window coverings can be programmed to operate at appropriate times of the day to help decease energy usage in the home.

Simplified Operation

Homeowners can simplify operation of automated components by using just one command to initiate multiple actions.


Automated operation while homeowners are away can provide the appearance that a home is occupied to deter intruders.

Convenience — Ease of Operation

The ease of operating motorized window coverings makes them much more convenient. Motorized window coverings are more likely to be used to control light levels, as well as to insulate and control solar heat gain.

Accessibility — Perfect for Difficult Locations

Motorized window coverings are perfect for hard-to-reach window locations where manual operation is difficult or not possible.

Appearance — No Pull Cords or Chains

Motorized window coverings have no manual operation devices (such as pull cords or chains) to detract from their appearance.

Safety Reduce Safety Risks

Motorized window coverings reduce the potential safety risks associated with pull cords or chains.